Moving Glass – No Problem!

Moving glass items can sometimes be tricky, but it does not have to be. This post will provide a few simple tips to make moving glass items stress free.

Box the item: To provide the most protection for your glass items, it is always best to wrap them in packing paper and have them boxed, filling all empty space around the item. Substitutes for packing paper would be newspaper, dish towels or bath towels.

Unboxed items:When the glass item is too large to fit into a box, the next best thing is to have it wrapped in a furniture pad, blanket, or in bubble wrap. Place your furniture pad on the floor, place the glass item flat on the pad, fold the corners of the pad towards the center of the glass, and fold the glass item in the remaining pad. Folding the ends of the pad in will keep the glass from sliding out of the end and will make it easier to handle when ready to move.

Moving the glass:If the item is boxed, be sure to mark the box as FRAGILE on the top and sides. For larger pieces, such as glass shelves or tables, it is best to keep the glass vertical when moving. Glass will be more susceptible to damages if it is laid flat while moving.

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