Moving Process Checklist

Scheduling Your Move

The busiest times for moving are generally the beginning and end of each month, and during the summer months. If you plan to move during these periods, we recommend scheduling your moving date and time 3 to 4 weeks in advance. That way you’re ensured to receive the date and time that works best for you.  

During the online quote process, you will be asked to enter the date and time you wish to move. Please note that move dates and times will not be reserved until you have confirmed your move. Moves are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Pre-Moving Day Checklist

  • Pack items of usual value (cash, jewelry, etc.) separately as 5 Star Moving, Inc. will not move those items. See frequently asked questions for additional information.
  • Pack important documents, medicines, and other items that may need on the day of the move separately to ensure you have access to these items.
  • Have dresser drawers emptied.
  • Disassemble any exercise equipment, desks, and other items that will not easily fit through door openings. Additional charges may apply if we need to disassemble items prior to moving if you have chosen to use the quoted price. There is normally not a disassembly/assembly fee for items such as beds, mirrors, and tables but there may be exceptions so please ask during your quote.
  • Have all items boxed and ready to move. Boxes need to be closed and taped on both the top and bottom. Boxes should also be clearly marked on the sides to help ensure they are placed in the right room at your destination.

Moving Day

  • Remember that we offer the FREE use of up to 4 Wardrobe containers so there is no need to hanging clothes.
  • Be on hand when the movers arrive so you can direct them on where items are placed.
  • Point out any items that need special handling and have fragile boxes marked clearly.
  • Discuss the delivery arrangements fully with your moving associates.
  • Tell your mover how to reach you at your destination.
  • Sit back and relax!!!


Upon delivery, check your goods for any visible signs of damage. If you find any damage to an item, consult with one of the moving associates to ensure a damage claim is completed. Payment for the service is due immediately upon delivery of your items.